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Important Message to Clough Fellows
Colorado Mountain College


Congratulations on receiving a Genevieve Clough Fellowship! The following requirements and expectations are designed to enhance communication regarding your Clough Fellowship and to help you to continue to be eligible for receiving a Clough Fellowship in the future. We expect that you will meet these requirements, and that you will show dedication to your studies.

Orientation: All Clough recipients are required to participate in a freshman orientation at their respective CMC campus. Check with your campus for the schedule dates of orientation.

Expectations: We expect you to get good grades (at least a 2.5 cumulative GPA by the end of each year). We expect you to successfully complete each semester of enrollment.  We expect you to graduate “on time”. We expect you to work when possible to contribute to the cost of your education. We expect you to communicate with us on a regular basis. We expect you to meet all eligibility requirements in order to renew your Fellowship. Failure to meet these expectations could result in suspension or termination of our Clough Fellowship. Be aware that you may be required to reimburse the Clough Scholarship fund for any classes you do not successfully complete.

Communication: We will communicate with you primarily by email, but may occasionally mail an item to you at school or your permanent address. You are required to read and reply to e-mails we send and to notify us of any changes in your contact information. We encourage you to contact us whenever you have a question or an issue.

Special Circumstances: Please communicate with us regarding any special circumstances, such as a need for dropping or withdrawing from a class, remediation or tutoring, summer school, taking time away from college for a compelling reason, change in marital status, and extreme medical condition, or an extreme change in your financial situation.

Renewal: Your Clough Fellowship is available for a maximum of 4 academic years (or fewer if your program is shorter), subject to availability of funds. The Clough Fellowship is secondary to all other financial resources available to you. The amount of your fellowship can change from year to year. You must submit required documents (see below) and must also maintain a cumulative grade point average of 2.5 or above. You must maintain academic progress so that you are on track to graduate from your program and must successfully complete each semester of enrollment.

Renewal process: Annual scholarship renewal requires you to complete and submit the Clough Fellowship renewal application. You will receive an e-mail from the Clough Fellows Portal, when the renewal application is open; the application typically opens on April 1. You are also required to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) if eligible.

Your contact person for the Clough Fellowship is:

Jeanne Golay, Colorado Mountain College Foundation, 802 Grand Ave, Glenwood Springs, CO 81601

E-mail / Phone 970-947-8304 / Fax 970-947-8385